Why are these 3 currency markets hitting the headlines  and how could you profit?
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Here we are, back in the saddle already!

I do hope you had a lovely Christmas and let me take this opportunity to send you my sincere best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2015.

Now, I don’t know about you but it always seems to take me a day or so to get properly back up to speed after a break from the markets.

And I believe it’s no bad thing to ease back in gently.

Trying to accelerate from a standing start back to 100 miles an hour can cause careless mistakes. It’s much better to have a good look at the current climate in the markets, get a feel for what’s been driving the prices, and give yourself chance to recalibrate your ‘trading-eye’ before making any hasty decisions.

And we have seen a bit of frantic activity in the currency markets in recent days, so in today’s eletter we’ll take a snapshot overview of the key driving forces that are in play as we move through the first full week of trading in 2015.

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So let’s jump over to those markets now.

Things have really been flying around in recent days, so let’s have a look at the kind of things you should you be following as you ease yourself back into the driving seat this week…

EURUSD down at lowest levels since 2006

EURUSD Monthly Chart

This is the week’s big story: as liquidity came back online after the Christmas break the Euro sold-off to test 2010 lows, a handful of pips lower and we’re back down at 2006 prices!

So what’s the big kerfuffle? Yes, US Dollar strength is in-play across the board but the main speculation here surrounds the European Central Bank and the situation in Greece (again!).

The Greeks face another debt crisis and their political parties have only three weeks to campaign before flash elections are due on January 25th.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras says the election results will determine the fate of the country’s membership in the Eurozone, but a Greek exit could give overall Euro stability a real wobble. Peter Bofinger (independent economic advisor to German chancellor Angela Merkel) was quoted as saying “Even if the situation cannot be compared with the other euro members, a genie would be let out of the bottle that would be hard to control”.

So will it be another case of “too big to fail”? Even though Greece is basically down-and-out will the eurozone keep them in the fold, just for appearance sake? Watch this space – it could be a bumpy ride!

GBPUSD breaks down to 17-month lows

GBPUSD Daily Chart

To be fair, things don’t look too rosy with the British pound either. It took one hell of a slide on Friday.

Consumer lending data from the Bank of England showed the fastest rate of increase in nearly a decade. It suggests the recovery seen in the UK economy in recent years has been fuelled by consumer consumption rather than true economic growth.

Top-heavy and teetering household debt is dangerously exposed to even a small increase in interest rates, and with our own general election due in May it’ll be interesting to see how the statistics are massaged and presented and how this potential time-bomb gets managed during the election campaigns.

The slide in GBPUSD continued on Monday too with the pair finally finding some support at 1.5200. Overhead resistance comes in at 1.5500 to keep a potential short-term lid on things in the event this market does pop-up.

USDJPY: Gains set to continue?

USDJPY Daily chart

The other market worth watching is USDJPY. You’ll recall the explosive upside action we saw in November – remember the ‘Halloween Yen Massacre’?

Well, pressure has been building again through December. We saw bullish activity as the dip down to 115.590 was lifted straight back to 120.00. So is this pair ready for its next leg up now all the big players are back behind their screens?

It’s not as big a story as the EURUSD situation but 125.00 in USDJPY is the next psychological level to the upside, it could be a nice flowing ride up there too if previous activity is anything to go by.

3 Things to Watch Out For

So now you know the current driving forces at work in the markets, here are three things to watch out for this week as the markets get fully back to business:


  1. US Federal Reserve Minutes – traders will be scrutinising the Fed’s meeting minutes at 7pm on Wednesday and looking for underlying reasons they failed to remove reference to the ‘considerable period’ required for low levels of interest rates during the latest statement. Be mindful of kneejerk reactions in the markets if something juicy does come to light! 
  2. US Job numbers – Nothing new here. This is one report that can send the markets reeling faster than any other. Be prepared to stand aside on Friday (13:30) and step back in once the dust has settled. 
  3. Greek Rhetoric – The Greek political parties will be banging their drum in the run up to those elections I mentioned earlier. Be aware that any unexpected comments from Greek figureheads could easily send a jolt through the Forex markets. Traders will be tuned-in and following Greek events very closely. Their trades will be on a hair-trigger and volatility in the market could easily increase.

Be Prepared: Market Moving Data Coming This Week (London Time).

Wednesday 07/01/15:
08:55    EUR    German Unemployment Change
10:00    EUR    Consumer Price Index
13:15    USD    Non-Farm Employment Change
19:00    USD    FOMC Meeting Minutes

Thursday 08/01/15:
12:00    GBP    Interest Rate Decision

Friday 09/01/15:
09:30    GBP    Manufacturing Production
13:30    USD    Employment Situation

Monday 12/01/15:
– No big reports

Tuesday 13/01/15:
09:30    GBP    Consumer Price Index

So don’t forget to take things easy this week as the markets settle back in. Keep your eye on the Greek situation if you’re active in EURUSD and remember that next week’s eletter from me will have the Trader’s Nest branding.

Have a great week first week back! And until next time…

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