I’ve been getting more emails about Plugin Trader (PIT) recently…

People asking whether it really does only take a few minutes in the evening, there must be some kind of catch etc.

I answer as best I can (without giving the entire strategy away!).

And the answer is, yes! It really does take just a few minutes each evening.

But… as I keep telling them, the best way to know for sure is to take it out on a risk-free trial and see for yourself.

When someone tells you something there’s always room for doubt, but when you SEE THINGS WORK for yourself, well that’s what converts unbelievers into disciples 🙂

Anyway, amongst my emails this week arrived one from Trevor B all the way down in New Zealand…

It seems there’s a bit of regulatory tomfoolery going on in NZ and Trevor’s broker, Pepperstone (based in Australia), has been closing NZ client accounts to ‘protect’ themselves.

Now, if you recall our little chat last week about spreading your funds around different brokers in order to diversify risk, here’s a perfect example of why it can be prudent to do that.

As the wise man said: “One is the most dangerous number in trading.”

In this case, you can see how having just the one broker can leave you on shaky ground.

So…we bounced emails back and forth as Trevor looked at new brokers to deal with and I gave my recommendations.

[Oh, and Trevor, if you’re reading this, get TWO new accounts with different brokers opened while you’re at it!]

But, it’s not all bad news. Here’s what else Trevor included in his message:

“Since starting to use Plugin Trader, my trading account has grown by 59 percent, maybe not the same returns as others who are using this software but that may be due to my conservatism when it comes to placing trailing stops.”

No wonder he’s keen to get that new broker account opened, right?

If you want to see exactly how Trevor has been doing business give PIT a test run yourself:


TIP: Once you’ve downloaded the manual you’ll see there are two different ‘settings’ to use. I’d get started with the 1:1 setting. It’s been running like a little dynamo in recent weeks.