Her vicious eye stared me down.

Ill-intent chilled my bones.

She looked behind to check her friend was there to back her up and released her fury:


Then, with a theatrical ruffle of her feathers, she went back to pecking the soil.

We’ve got three new hens. And the old ones are NOT happy!

Egbert (as described above^^) won’t leave the new ones alone. She chases them round the pen to display her dominance.

I’ve built a ramshackle makeshift house for the new ones to live in so they can get some peace. (Including another trip to the farm store to get another set of feeding and drinking equipment.)

What started as a ‘good idea’ to keep the children entertained on Saturday morning turned into an all-weekend epic!

Anyway, all hens seem to be getting along this morning.

And from previous experience it does take a week or so for things to settle down.

(Tip from an old hand: when you introduce new hens to your brood ensure there are more of the new ones than there are old. It helps keep any bullying behaviour in check.)

I see the bewildered look on the faces of the new hens. They must wonder where on earth they’ve come to. It’s all new. Even the sky is new to them. They’ve lived in a barn for the first few months of their life.

But it won’t be long before they’re happily laying their first egg.

The trouble is they can’t see that next step ahead. No one can when they arrive in a new situation.

The best thing to do is follow the guidance of those that have gone before. The clues for what actions to take are all there. Every path has been trodden in one way or another.

The new hens will soon trust the old ones. They’ll follow them to the corners of the garden where the juicy worms are.

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