Do you know one of the single biggest problems traders face?

You might not agree at first glance because it actually sounds like a BENEFIT rather than a potential threat.

But it’s been the ruin of many a trader over the years.

And it’s a particular threat in today’s world where the ease and convenience of technology amplifies the potential for disaster.

Here goes…

It’s just so damn EASY to place a trade.

That doesn’t sound like much of a danger, does it?

How can something that sounds good be so bad?

But let me tell you a tale of woe from my personal archives (it’s just one of many!). It could save you a small fortune one day…

September 2006. It was a Friday. And rumours were circulating of big stop orders resting 32 ticks below the current Treasury Bond futures market price.

The big players were going to go after them. All I had to do was jump in and get involved too.

It made sense on the chart and I could already smell the wedge of money I was about to make.

I placed my first sell order as the market made an early break lower. I was so certain of a positive result that I moved my stop-loss order down to create a break-even situation. It was far too early for this.

Sure enough, a little up-move caught me and took me out of the trade.

The market plummeted down again.

I hit the bid with another order to sell at market and almost immediately got stopped out for a loss.

The market moved lower.

Excited messages were tumbling into our chat-room. Guys who had hung onto their short position from the start were sat on BIG paper profits. This made me feel even worse.

So what did I do?

Yes, I sold again (with another tight stop loss) and took another losing trade!

By now the market was showing a real tug-of-war between the buyers and sellers. The price was flying around in a real high-volatility area.

I had no business placing ANY trades in all that mess but I just couldn’t accept that I had missed the opportunity.

So I carried on selling despite the terrible timing. And by the time I finally dragged myself away from the screen I’d put a serious dent in my account, not to mention my ego!

And that’s the danger of not keeping a tight rein on your emotions.

The heat of the moment can get the better of you and you’re only ever one click away from a trade.

It’s a potential disaster. The red mist descends and you can completely lose your discipline, undoing many weeks or months of hard work in a single toxic trading session.

That’s why, over the years, I’ve trained myself to spot opportunities in advance and NOT rely on having to keep cool, calm, and collected under live fire.

This way you get to avoid the build-up of stress and negative emotions that can affect your decision making.

Take my new ‘4th Dimension’ trading strategy…

In 4D trading we uncover high-probability trades each evening (Sunday to Thursday).

ALL the decision making is done at arm’s-length when the markets are quiet. We stay well away from any stressful live trading situations.

We simply place our orders, sit back, let the market do its thing, and check in again the next day.

There’s simply no need to be glued to the screen with your heart racing and blood pressure going through the roof when you trade in this way.

In fact, I would encourage you to get outside in the garden or go and talk the dog for a walk or something.

Don’t spend hours at the computer when you simply don’t need to!

Now that might sound a bit boring if you run on adrenaline and like a lot of action in your trading, but when you see how these trades aim to make a 150%-200% return on any money risked, from almost ZERO screen-time, I think you might change your mind.

Now, I’m working away behind the scenes here on the training materials and will have everything ready to upload to your new member’s area in the two week or so.

That means you can expect to receive your invitation to join me in 4D trading very soon.

I’d say early April the way things are ticking along.

That’ll give me chance to finish off the training videos and pdf’s, and also finalise the nifty piece of order-entry software I’m having made for you (it reduces the time taken to place your basket of trades to literally 2 minutes each evening).

Anyway, that’s all to come.

In the meantime, if you HAVEN’T already requested to be put on the VIP invitation list for 4D Trading, simply reply to this email and put ‘More Strategy Info’ in the subject line

And I’ll make sure you get your invitation when the time comes!

Until next time…