It was my children’s school sports day yesterday…

We were 13 races in, the sun was beating down, the parents were still jostling for best viewing position on the sidelines, and an announcement went out for the year 6 sack race.

Now one particular boy has won this race – by a country mile – every single year. He’s the undisputed champion.

There’s just something about his technique, a kind of in-sack side gallop, which gives him a massive advantage.

But will he pull it off one final time?

The whistle blows, the boys spring to their feet, and the mad bouncing and hopping begins.

It was a close one this year. He had to secure victory with a dive over the finish line. But sure enough, the Cheshire Sack Champion rode home once again.

The sprint, the obstacle race, the egg and spoon? I don’t remember seeing him in the top 3 for any of those races. But he didn’t need to be. He had his area of expertise, his one secret weapon.

Oh, if only the sack race was an Olympic event. His skills could take him around the world as he trained and developed further.

And it’s the same with trading. You only need one core method to focus on, one main event, and it can set you up for good.

But it’s got to be the right one: a methodology that ticks all YOUR boxes and is a natural fit, but also gives you a genuine advantage above the competition.

So have you found it yet?

If not, you can’t expect it to drop out of the sky and land at your feet.

You’ve got to be willing to try and test new things until you DO find an approach that’s a good fit.

You need to find a way that lets you accurately read the price action of charts, and then place simple high-probability trades as a result of what you see.

I’ll talk to you more about how to develop a step-by-step methodology in coming issues of Traders Nest.

Until then.

Happy trading,