A question comes in from a client…

“I particular love the _______ approach but find that certain important market factors are out of the ________ analysis such as Volume and Currency strength. Don’t you think these two factors somehow should be added?”

Now this is a common temptation. It’s so easy to take a proven strategy and start fiddling around with things, trying to make them even better.

But more moving parts don’t always make a better end product.

In fact, it’s easy to ruin a sharp profitable edge by bringing in more layers of analysis.

For example, have you ever heard of ‘overclocking’?

It’s where computer techies modify their hardware to run faster than it was designed to.

On one hand it can mean super-fast computing. But it can also spell disaster. If things don’t go to plan it might mean totally fried circuit boards!

And it’s the same when ‘overclocking’ proven trading strategies…

You only see the potential upside of overclocking the existing results. But you have no idea of the potential downside.

Think about it… your extra analysis might actually keep you OUT of the trades that would otherwise have made the lion’s share of your profits!

Before you know it, the whole thing turns to dust and the money you might have made trickles through your fingers.

So tread carefully.

If you are going to modify a proven strategy do it scientifically: change one component at a time, step back, and observe the effect it has on your results. You’ll soon see whether your tweak holds any water.

Of course, if you want a trading strategy that works right out of the gate, no modifications required, then step this way.

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