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Can You Really Make Good Money With This Evening-Based Forex Strategy?

As promised in my regular eletter yesterday, I wanted to give you my opinion of the recently released Ad Break Trader by Jason Alexander.

What really interested me about this Forex strategy was the fact it had  been designed to run in the evening…

You see, rather than being frustrated by the lack of momentum in the evening, Ad Break Trader actually embraces and then ruthlessly exploits the quieter times.

You wait for the volume to start drying-up as the NY session winds down, and then take advantage of a protective ‘box’ the institutions drop into place around the market.

It works because even though the markets may be quiet, the big players still have their sentries out on patrol. They won’t let things get too far out of line before stepping in and taking a slice of profit for themselves.

They’ll then nudge the market back towards its ‘box’.

Ad Break Trader shows you how to find where they’ve decided the sides of the box will be on any particular day. It then lets you take trades, alongside the big players, in a very similar yet simple way…

And you don’t have to turn your life upside down to be able to do it.

Remember… we’re not talking about being glued to the screen with this.

So how do you trade this system?

It all takes just a few minutes of monitoring in the early evening…

You’ll just be keeping an eye on how the price action is settling into place (and you can do this by nipping in to check on the charts in between your favourite TV programs – I guess that’s why it’s called Ad Break Trader!).

You then prepare to place your easy set-and-forget orders at around 8pm. (If you’ve got a larger appetite for activity, there’s also the option to trade live through the evening session and find multiple opportunities.)

You’ll usually see a minimum of two opportunities a night with the set-and-forget even if you’re a very conservative trader, you then just need to check in on your results the next day.

And I must say… I do like systems where you don’t need to tinker around with your trades once you’ve placed them.

The trades have a default stop loss value of 11 pips (this includes an allowance for the spread) and they work with a target of between 12 and 20 pips. This means you’re getting low risk opportunities with a good reward to risk ratio on the upside.

And in terms of a benchmark goal…

You should be aiming for 100 pips a week with this as you settle into your first live campaign.

For more details, click here.

Here’s what you get with Ad Break Trader 

You get immediate access to a member’s area where you can download a PDF version of the manual and watch the training videos (with hard copies that follow in the post)…

You also get custom software to help you find the channels, Jason’s personal email alerts to help you get up and running quickly and accurately, video analysis of the actual daily trades plus unlimited support.

But please remember…

As with any strategy, don’t get hung up on obsessing over the educational materials for the sake of it, they’re just the vehicle that delivers what you should really be focusing on… results!

You get a 30 day risk free trial to see if this really is for you, so why not expand your portfolio of methods even if you don’t end up staying with it. I would… you’ve got nothing to lose after all.

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Once you start your trial, here are the three steps I recommend you take to get the best results from Ad Break Trader:

  1. Watch the training videos. You’ll see Jason has prepared a very detailed video walkthrough of the complete trading manual. I wouldn’t even worry about printing the manual out. Watch the  videos, make a few notes as you go and wait for the hard copy manual to arrive in the post – you’ve then always got it to refer back to for a refresher. Allow about ninety minutes to watch the training videos.
  2. Follow along with the daily analysis videos for at least five days. This is probably the most important step. Following along with real-world examples will instill the Ad Break Trader mindset if you allow it. This means holding off trading live for a week. Don’t allow the pressure to perform to interfere with your initial learning and understanding of the strategy.
  3. Allow twenty minutes a day to watch the analysis review videos.
  4. Start trading live with the set-and-forget trades. These are the ‘standard’ trades that let you target your 100 pips a week. Get these under your belt before you go taking the more aggressive manual trades.

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Here’s what I really think about Ad Break Trader

This system gets a definite thumbs-up from me, especially with that 100 pip benchmark goal for so little time invested. The only two things I’d like you to remember are…

i) If you’re an active screen watcher… trading all day, every day, treat this as a bolt on system to your main strategy by all means, but it won’t be enough to keep you active all through the London and NY sessions. It’s not really designed to trade at these times.

ii) Be prepared to sit on your hands for a few days while you absorb the mindset used by the Ad Break Trader system. It’s a small initial investment to make for potentially huge returns.

To read more about Ad Break Trader, including audited trading results from the last three months, click here