A heart-warming message arrives from Rob S:

‘Major Personal Milestone!’ he declares.

He goes on to say how he’d achieved a 7% profit on account for the week. And this all coming on the back of a very fast learning curve – Rob started trading from scratch only around 8 weeks ago, as a member of my FX Flow programme.

He says:

‘I attribute this modest change in fortune to a combination of patience, increased selectiveness, a little bit of luck, and most of all experience… This is a sharp contrast to the first few weeks, where I felt like I was swinging in the dark, trying to “work harder” to catch up after losses.’

Now in my opinion, all the qualities Rob mentions are critical for traders.

But one of them in particular rises above the others – a kind of trading-quality Royale.

Which one, I hear you ask?

Let me give you a clue…

It’s the one thing we traders can really struggle to display, especially here in the West with our ‘busy, busy’ work ethic.

But Patience, and, for want of a better description, just kind of hanging around waiting for the ‘right moment’ would generally be frowned upon in today’s fast-paced business world.

In ‘normal’ businesses the quicker you get up and at ’em  every day – the more productivity you can squeeze out of every waking minute – the more money you stand to make.

Yet this is precisely the WRONG approach to take as a trader.

You need the mindset of a Predator.

You mustn’t run with the herd.

Let me give you a good example of this money magnetising principle in action.

And you might be slightly surprised by this one.

Because one thing this example business model could NOT be accused of is being thrill-a-minute.


Who do we know that has a particularly ‘lazy’ approach to business yet still rakes-in huge profits?

Who appears to do little more than shuffle papers and tell us their prices are going up again each year, yet still grows from strength to strength?

And not only that, but operate in a DOUBLE-LAZY way that collects money in-advance against the service they offer and then put it to work for THEMSELVES in the financial markets…

Thereby creating TWO profit centres from one income stream!

Who is this sedentary money-grubbing behemoth of the business world that we might learn a thing or two from?

Insurance companies.

Insurance companies are the epitome of patience: they collect in their annual premiums and simply wait, letting nature take its course and paying-out against the policies only as and when required (after putting up some resistance of course!)

So patience is one thing, and having the predator’s mindset is another, but they also have another admirable secret up their sleeve…

And it’s another word beginning with the letter ‘P.’

Their entire business runs on this one word, they couldn’t function without it, and it’s even MORE critical to us as traders.

Predator + [P_____?] + Patience = £££

Can you guess what the missing ‘P’ in the profit-formula might be?

Don’t worry if not.

I’m so taken with this ‘3P’ model of trading – especially when it comes to showing new traders how to use it to get off to a flying start – that I’ll be presenting it to you LIVE next week.

This might just be the most perfect model for successful trading I’ve ever come across and I can show it to you all within an hour (with a bit more time allowed for examples and questions).

Keep an eye on your emails and I’ll tell you how you can join me. This is a biggie!

Until then…