I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend. I spent an exciting few days jumping between jobs in the garden and welcoming new students into the Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy!

As you might recall from last week, once those niggles with the website log-in system were sorted out (nightmare!) the Academy opened its doors to new students on Friday morning.

Now it’s always a bit of a nerve-racking time when you finally release a brand new project, especially when it’s something you’ve put your heart and soul into for such a long time (in fact, there’s almost a little bit of last-minute reluctance to put it out there – to keep your personal methods and techniques private), so it was hugely satisfying to see those early places gobbled up and for traders to start working their way through the lessons.

The academy uses a brand new format to deliver the critical information. Because this is more about learning a solid and all-encompassing approach to the markets (rather than a strict rule-based system), the individual lessons are all delivered in short bite-sized pieces, building up to a test and a practical assignment that nails on your understanding at the end of each module.

It’s a way of passing on information I have not used before. The great thing about it is how I can follow each trader’s progress and, most importantly, how I can jump in and interact at the exact time you might need a bit of extra assistance: we can meet on the forum, share charts, and I can really help you to absorb a particular lesson or teaching before you move on to the next stage.

Martin W is forging the way in the forum by the way – he’s already got five modules behind him, so it shows how quickly you can progress through the material. The important thing is to fully understand each module before moving ahead: that’s where the end of module tests come in – they guarantee you’ve taken on board everything you need to know.

I received some good questions over the weekend, both from traders who had already joined the academy and from those who needed a final point or two clearing up before they took their seat. I thought I’d share my answers to those questions with you today, just in case it was something you had on your mind too…

All you need to know about Forex Breakthrough Academy

What is the difference between Overnight Momentum Trader (OMT) and the Forex Breakthrough Academy (FXBA) and which one is better?

Even though they grew from the same philosophy, OMT and the Forex Breakthrough Academy are very different products…

OMT is a tight rule-based strategy; it is designed to help you trade in a logical and profitable way, simply by accessing the markets for just a few minutes each evening.

The Forex Breakthrough Academy is a learning environment. It’ll let you go from Forex newbie, taking your first steps in trading, right through to owning a powerful set of tools for analysing and finding your own highly profitable trades in the markets.

I honestly do not think one is better than the other – they are designed to do different things and both fulfil their own criteria very well. If you are already an OMT trader, you might find the FXBA trades a good way to add a new strategy to your portfolio and vice-versa.

What time will the FXBA webinars take place and will they be recorded?

The times and dates for the two FXBA webinars have not been finalised yet. I thought is better that all academy traders are allowed a few days to settle in and get a feel for the course structure and the time they will be dedicating to their trading education. We can then ensure the webinars are scheduled in a way that’ll suit the majority of the members.

The webinars will be recorded and posted inside the academy, so you’ll always be able to review them at a later date. If you are not able to attend in person, you can still submit any questions beforehand and we’ll cover them, ready for you to watch in the recording. No-one will be at a disadvantage by not being able to attend live.

How much time will I need to spend at the screen to take the FXBA trades?

There will be a greater commitment of trading time needed for the FXBA trades when compared to the OMT strategy, but you can still find trades round the clock. You can approach the full universe of global Forex markets with the FXBA techniques, so if you are trading around other commitments you’d look for markets that tend to move around the times you are able to trade.

N.B. If you’re really tight on time (i.e. you can only make a quick check of the charts once each evening) I think OMT would be a better fit for you. This is EXACTLY the situation it was designed for.

How long would it take to work through the course materials?

Everything is immediately available as soon as you join FXBA: it’s not drip-fed or staggered across a number of weeks. It means you can go at a pace that suits you.

You might dedicate 15 to 20 minutes a day and spend the next month or so building up your education layer-by-layer. Or you might bolt the door and plough through everything over a weekend. It’s entirely down to you and how you think you learn best.

The only thing I would say is please do take the time to complete the practical assignments (I’ll ask you to go and find certain features or set-ups on the charts). Real-world experience is what’ll make all the difference to you REALLY learning these methods.
Is there anything I can do to accelerate my FXBA trading education?

I’d suggest going deeper rather than faster. It won’t take you long to cover the materials – especially since the lessons are all in those bite-size pieces – so really take the time to absorb and fully understand each stage of the journey. You only get one chance to learn something for the first time, so why not do it properly?

The forum is maybe the most valuable tool for deepening your learning experience – you can get feedback from me and your classmates on any question you might have at all – and the practical exercises make sure you are out there in the markets getting your hands dirty.

What time frames are traded with the method?

The FXBA core strategy gives you options on the 15-minute and 5-minute charts and there is also a longer-term strategy on the 60-minute chart.

Once in a trade how long are you in the market?

It varies from trade to trade. I’ll show you how to find a fixed target that’ll offer you multiple times reward-to-risk on each of your trades. Some of them will reach the target in as little as an hour, some in a couple of days.

There is one piece of the strategy I’m particularly keen to show you. It’s something I see completely overlooked by most traders but can give you potentially huge profits on your trades. It might mean riding a trade for two or three days but it’ll be more than worth it at the end, I assure you!

There were just a handful of the 150 FXBA places remaining as I begun answering the latest batch of trader’s questions this morning. Come and join us before you miss your chance:

Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthough Academy

And if there’s something on your mind that I haven’t yet covered drop me a line – [email protected] – but you might need to be quick!

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I hope I answered any lingering questions you might have had about Forex Breakthrough Academy. I’m heading back over there now to jump in with fresh answers for trader’s questions in the forum: do you fancy meeting me there?

Traders Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy

Until next time, happy trading!

P.S. Don’t forget there are only 150 FXBA places available and they’re pretty much gone. If this is for you don’t hesitate – click here now to secure your place.