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Plus an Important Date for Your Diary

A quick update…plus some exciting news.

It was my birthday last weekend and Alice and I spent a rare weekend away together in London…

I don’t get down there too often but I’d been promising myself an evening in Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club for months, so this was the perfect excuse.

One of the Grandmas kindly volunteered their babysitting services, so off we scuttled. And what a refreshing little break it turned out to be…

Do you ever find yourself caught up in a repetitive routine without having realised it? Performing the same old rituals day-in, day-out?

It can sometimes take a trip away to shake you out of it.

Now routine itself is no bad thing. Once you’ve found a way of doing something that works, and suits you, you can just kind of settle into your groove.

But if you’re striving to do things better and you’ve hit a plateau, you may need to push beyond your usual patterns of behaviour before you can make new breakthroughs.

So when I came back from our weekend away feeling fully recharged, I was ready to shake things up a bit. I’m not talking anything extreme… just simple little things to start with…

Here’s my comfort-zone-stretching to-do list for trading:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of eSignal – I’m using a very old version of eSignal (technical analysis software) because I’m just so comfortable with it. But I’m also missing lots of new features – ones that could improve my trading edge – by not upgrading and making an effort to learn the new platform.
  2. Investigate new ways of accessing the markets – There are new direct access platforms on the scene getting rave reviews. Not to mention whole new portals into the market place I’ve never really looked at before, like Binary Options. It’s always been easy to stick with what I know well, but I get the feeling there are incredible new opportunities ready to be uncovered with just a little bit of digging.
  3. Scientifically test more systems and strategies – I’m a huge believer in running a portfolio of different systems. A little basket of contrasting strategies all running alongside each other helps produce a nice, smooth equity curve. But it takes a huge effort for me to sit down and reach an unbiased conclusion when I look at a new system. I almost have to un-learn what I know about the markets before I can assess a new strategy purely on its own merits.

So anyway, I’m pleased to say I’ve made good inroads this week…

eSignal version 11.6 now sits proudly on my trading computer (even though I have to keep looking-up how to do the simplest things!)…

I’ve got four different Binary Options brokers under examination…

And I’ve also just finished spot-testing a new trading system called Ad Break Trader. It’s made the cut, and now goes into the portfolio for a live run.

I’m going to share my thoughts on this new system with you tomorrow because it’s designed to be used in the evening. Perfect for ‘Night Owl’ traders… those that are trading around a day job, or choosing to do other things during the daytime.

I am just making some final additions to my review and I’ll send I tot you tomorrow.

Be Prepared: Market Moving Data Coming This Week (London Time – BST)

Tuesday 22nd October
13:30    US        Employment Numbers        USD

Wednesday 23rd October
09:30    UK        MPC Meeting Minutes        GBP

Thursday 24th October
09:00    EUR     Manufacturing PMI            EUR
11:00    UK        CBI Industrial trends orders    GBP
13:30    US        Initial Jobless claims        USD
15:00    US        New Home Sales            USD

Friday 25th October
09:00    DE        German Business Climate Index    EUR
09:30    UK        GDP                    GBP
13:30    US        Duable Goods            USD
14:55    US        Michigan Consumer Sentiment    USD

Don’t forget to check my review of Ad Break Trader due tomorrow.

If you’re an evening trader looking for a new system to trial, it could make the perfect fit.