There are a number of good commercial trading strategies out there, but if you do a little digging, you can also find some really useful free trading systems & methods floating around.

Whenever I come across something interesting I make a note of it in my favourites and was surprised the other day to find some much cool stuff on the list.

I thought you might be interested in these with my two pennies worth to add to the mix.

Here are some free trading systems and signals worth looking at

1. Strange currencies

This kind chap has put up some free articles and a couple of free trading systems. Look here:

The first one, strange currencies is a long term trend following system. It trades just three times a year per pair on average and does require a big stop, but winners are substantially bigger than losses. The best results seem to come when going long when the pair reaches a 120 day high and closing when it fails to close even higher in 12 days. Stop loss set at 10%. Opposite settings for short trades.

Worth a read for the full rules.

There’s also a simple breakout system for the GBP/USD with different results depending on the time frame used. Could be of interest for those looking for an end of day system.

2. The Super Trend Indicator

This site ( has a neat guide to using the forex super trend indicator which you can use for free within metatrader. This relatively simple indicator turns green to indicate an uptrend and vice versa.

You can get a free download of the Super Trend indicator by clicking here:

3. The Gold Cross System

Simple system this one. It works as follows:

Buy then next open on the S&P 500 when the 50 day simple moving average closes above the 200 day moving average. Sell when the 50 day closes below the 200 day moving average.

Doesn’t happen much, but according to this ( there have been 25 trades since 1960 and 21 winners with the average gain being 5 times the average loss. Worth keeping an eye out for it!

The following are free signals…

1. Free US stock picks

Woodshedder runs a cool blog where he updates the performance of a particular system called Power Dip. It’s done very well since May:

2. Free Stock Market Analysis

Danny runs a very interesting blog with lots of unique indicators here: I follow his thoughts most days and his analysis adds flavour to my own trades on the S&P 500.