I’ve had lots of feedback from Market Maven readers who seem to be having the same problems with their trading.

Many readers have expressed their desire to find a trusted person as they start trading: someone who can walk them through their trades as they learn the basics, someone to provide ongoing support and advice that will help them avoid the common mistakes.

Thankfully, I’ve found someone who fits the bill very nicely.

Start trading with the EZtrade system

I had quite a number of people get in touch and tell me how useful they found the EZtrade system from Ian Williams. Over the last couple of months I’ve been sampling the offering myself and I’m so pleased with what I’ve seen that it gets a Market= Maven thumbs up.

Take a look here: Eztrade System – http://www.canonburypublishing.com/eztrademm/

Ian’s put together a complete home trading program which includes close support from the man himself.

The Eztrade system includes a years worth of mentoring and handholding from Ian to help you as you work through his manual.

So unlike many ebooks or manuals you may have purchased before, The EZtrade system provides you with instant access to the expert for any questions you might have. There’s nothing better for learning than seeing someone put the methods you’ve just learned into practice and this is what Ian does. You can watch over the expert’s shoulder as he makes his own trades with a free subscription to Ian’s Weekly ‘What Ian Can See’ Report.

Here’s a little more detail:

Ian’s favoured market to spread bet is FTSE 350 stocks, which means you’ll be looking at companies you’ll be familiar with such as BT or Marks &

Spencers. Ian takes you through the theory behind markets and how ‘value’ is defined and represented on a chart. From here, he outlines the basics of technical analysis and how you can harness the power of the charts to make profitable trades.

Thankfully, Ian takes a very simple approach and builds on it step by step. There’s no complicated indictors to understand or compute, the emphasis is on utilising simple moving averages to spot powerful moves.

The manual is very reader friendly. This isn’t a dry text book, Ian writes like he’s sitting next to you, emphasising his points in a conversational style. He explains the reasons why aspiring traders fail and how you can avoid falling into the same traps. The key is your planning and trading goals, which Ian helps you to develop.

The real value is the ongoing support and mentoring. The manual is excellent, but it is the extra help that enables you to put it all into practice that really makes the difference. This is where Ian comes into his own, helping you with personal responses via email and his weekly market update.

The Market Maven readers that I’ve heard from have found this back up support to be invaluable. It’s fantastic to be able to recommend Ian’s system to Market Maven readers. I’ve been waiting for a while to find something that offered the combination of great information and dedicated back up support that the EZtrade system has.

Eztrade System – http://www.canonburypublishing.com/eztrademm/

I mentioned the feedback – well here’s a selection of testimonials that we’ve received about Ian’s EZtrade system:

“Not only do I feel relaxed and in complete control of my trading, but am looking at gains of 20% in just a few days. Trading doesn’t need to be an overly complicated process.” Ben Philpott

“It has enabled me to make consistent financial gains….£938 in the past 4 weeks.” – Jim Harriman

“I’ve been trading the markets since 2000 with varying degrees of success. I’ve been using your system since November and am up nearly £4k.” – David Butler

“The course is absolutely what I’ve been trying to find for years! Excellently written, set out in easy to follow stages and refreshingly without padding. With this at my elbow and your mentoring service at my ear I feel confident at last to start trading wisely – for which a million thanks!!” – Christine

I always suggest you paper trade or use demo accounts when you are starting out and this is ever true here. In fact Ian suggests you do the same; stop trading until you learn how to trade! This way you can go through the manual and access the support, make some trades and gain confidence without risking a penny.

Best of all, as well as offering a special discount for Market Maven readers, there’s a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee so you can trial the package with no financial risk and return it if it is not for you. As this product is endorsed by my publisher, Canonbury Publishing Ltd, you can have 100% confidence in this guarantee.

I’m confident Ian’s manual and ongoing support will help many people turn the corner.

I really think that Ian’s EZtrade system will be of benefit to Market Maven readers and I endorse it whole heartedly.

Click here to take a look now:

Eztrade System – http://www.canonburypublishing.com/eztrademm/