I mentioned in my regular Market Maven Alert on Tuesday about a new trading programme that Nick Laight (my publisher) was putting on with Roxanne Cross, that will show you how to spread trade £100 into £5,600 in ten weeks.

Now, this is shaping up to be something very special and I am pleased that Nick has reserved 5 places exclusively for MM readers.

To find out the full details, please take a look at Nick’s email below.

Highly recommended!

Urgent notice! Learn how to spread trade

If you’d like to turn £100 in £5,600 in 10 weeks trading the financial markets, then please read on . . .


I know there are thousands of people out there who want to learn how to trade forex and other financial markets.

And yes, there are plenty of very good courses out there including our very own Ultimate FX Predictor.

But based on the number of calls I get from readers, I also realise that some people who want to get hands-on, live training and ongoing daily support.

If that describes you, then I have some great news . . .

I have been talking to Roxanne Cross for 2 years. She is self-taught and has been training people to trade the markets with great success – but only on a very small scale.

Now we have finally joined together and have come up with a trading programme that is different to ANYTHING you have ever come across before.

In fact, Roxanne has insisted on setting herself a big challenge:

She is willing to take on a limited number of new students, starting on FRIDAY 25th JULY, and will help them turn £100 to £5,600 in just 10 weeks spread betting forex, indices or commodities.

How about that for a challenge!

She is supremely confident that she can achieve this and having talked to her former students I have no doubt she can achieve this. Here’s what a couple of them had to say:

“I started with £100 and traded £1 per point. I gradually increased my bets to £12 per point . . . my current capital is nearly £7,000.” Jozef Hrbek

“In November 2007 I turned a £100 account in to £2000 just by using what I learnt from Roxanne: H.P. London

I’ve included more testimonials at the end of this message.

So here’s how it will work:

We will start with a one-day seminar on FRIDAY 25th JULY in Central London where new students will be introduced to the special piggyback trading method Roxanne uses.

This will be a packed day and as Roxy told me:

“My aim will be to familiarise people with specific trading strategies, so there is not a lecture on technical analysis. I will explain the strategies and show examples where these strategies have been applied.

I will also use the strategies on live examples if the market is kind during the day where we can see some live action. On the whole, it will be good fun learning day.”

And that’s just the beginning . . .

What makes this offer so unique is the amount of follow-up support – none of the other seminar gurus around (including Darren Winters/Greg Secker) offer this kind of training.

So after the action packed one-day seminar in Central London, you will enter 6 months of close training support. This will include:

– Weekly tele-seminars to review results, answer questions and sharpen trading skills.

– Most important of all, each student is asked to submit their trades to Roxy on a daily basis for 1-2-1 feedback and guidance.

– You’ll also see daily trade videos of Roxanne’s own trades.

Which markets will you use to turn £100 into £5,600?

The choice is yours! As Roxanne explains:

“My strategies are good for forex, index and commodities as I do them all and have done them. Training is offered in stages from beginners to advance.

People then have a choice what field they feel comfortable and settle down. Not everyone wants to trade everything like me but if that is what they wish to do, then I can train them to do it.”

Once you start trading for real (on whatever market), the aim is to make 2-3 trades a day achieving daily target of 20 points.

Compounding those 20 points a day, starting with £1 a point and going up to £10/£12 a point.

So what’s the catch?

A couple actually! I’m going to be totally upfront with you about what is required so you are under no illusions when it comes to the training.

– You must be available to spend a whole day (8:30am – 6:00pm) in Central London on FRIDAY 25th JULY for intensive training.

– Please understand this is only for people who are serious about learning how to trade. You don’t need any previous experience BUT this isn’t just for those who are curious or half-hearted.

– You must be available to trade 7:00am – 11:00am 1.30 – 4.00pm and 7.00 – 8.30 pm. You don’t have to be available at all of these time. I suspect the morning sessions will be the busiest and you tend to get the most trades then.

– You must be prepared to submit your trades to Roxanne during the training period so that she can give you feedback and guidance

– You must follow EXACTLY what Roxanne advises you to do. This doesn’t mean taking risks. She is a great and patient teacher, but she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. So if you think you ‘know it all’ this isn’t for you.

– Finally, you will need to have spare capital for the actual costs of the training programme + £100 starting bank. As you would expect from the level and intensity of training and support this will be a ‘considered purchase’.

– The programme fee is £2,497 + VAT. This is an upfront investment. Yes, this is a considered purchase and neither Roxanne nor I want anyone to take the next step if they are stretching themselves financially.

– Remember, this is speculation and has inherent risks. But if you are comfortable with that and know that you have to take some controlled risks to accumulate wealth, then I can’t think of a better investment in your personal training than this.

– Yes, there will be a refund period on the day of the seminar. So if you decide it isn’t for you can let us know by lunchtime and you can get all your money back. That guarantee is personally underwritten by me.

Stop press! Only five places left!

I should also point out that the first seminar is open to a maximum of 25 people and 16 places have already gone. I have reserved 5 for MM readers as I knew that there would be a great deal of interest. If you would like to secure one of those places, please click here:


We are limiting numbers as the support is so intensive we want to make sure that everyone receives the quality and quantity of training needed to become a successful trader.

Roxanne has a wonderful reputation for delivering extremely high quality training that gets results. I am convinced those people who take up her training and follow her strategies will be successful.

If you do have any further questions, just drop me an email at [email protected] and I’ll try and answer. If I can’t then I will put you in contact directly with Roxanne and you can fire all your questions at her.

But please hurry, the event takes place in Central London on FRIDAY 25TH JULY and there are only 5 places available for MM readers. Click here to register:


So that’s it. If you are serious about trading and want to get very close 1-2-1 training to turn £100 into £5,600 in your first 10 weeks of live trading, then I urge you to pre-register now.

Remember you are covered by my personal money back guarantee up to noon on the day of the seminar.

Best regards

Nick Laight

Managing Director

Canonbury Publishing Ltd

PS: As promised, here are the glowing testimonials from Roxy’s small band of former and current students. I think you will be VERY impressed:


“After several e-mails and a few telephone conversations I knew Roxanne was the correct person to teach me all that I needed to know to make money from the currency markets.

I loved the fact Roxanne was self taught and very approachable. I had one days training at her house where all of the basics of her strategies were pointed out, a real eye opener I may add.

I remember how enthused I was after my days training, I couldn’t wait to get back home and into the driving seat myself, to start making some real money.

Six months on I can honestly say that Roxanne’s training has not only helped me make very good gains on my money, but the most important part for me is her genuine concern to see you succeed.

Our daily chats are invaluable as we go back over each one of my trades to make sure – all are as my great master would like 🙂

Top course – Top trainer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” Gavin Maho


“The training that Roxanne provides is exceptional. I have never come across a person that has so much enthusiasm for you to succeed. I have now be working with Roxanne for the last 5 months and in recent weeks we have made fantastic progress. From starting with zero knowledge of trading, Roxanne continues to be patient while I ask question after question. The answers are always thorough, but if I ever need further clarification, Roxanne continues with her tireless support.”



“. . . In November 2007 I turned a £100 account in to £2000 just by using what I learnt from Roxanne.

Her training is excellent and her techniques will enable anyone to deposit good money into their accounts daily. Her support is also very attentive as she will support you daily until you succeed.

I recommend anyone who wants to make a good living in trading to see Roxi and then follow every rule and technique that you learn from her and you will succeed.

H.P. London


“Roxanne’s strategy definitely works! It took me time to recognise the right trades but Roxanne will spend as much time with you (via Skype) as you need. Perseverance is key you must practice and do not give up. I am now making money and I have recommended two colleagues to Roxanne’s course.” Chris Underhill


“At last “a system that does what it says on the tin!!” Roxanne has developed a personal system of trading that is incredibly successful. I had an intense one day seminar with her in February this year, and she has been there to guide my efforts to success since then. At last someone who doesn’t want to take your money and say “cheerio” but one who cares that what you have invested bears fruit.

There is no easy way to instant riches but there is a way to trade profitably, regularly, confidently and sensibly – Roxanne is the way. She’ll stick with you until you’re making it but beware – she doesn’t suffer fools gladly!! However – if you want to trade successfully then look no further.” Tony Carter


“I have been under Roxanne’s tutelage since the end of March. During this period I have received comprehensive training and guidance regarding all aspects of day trading from Roxanne. Roxanne is driven by creating success for all her students and will do all she can to aid in achieving this goal.

I highly recommend Roxanne’s teachings and I feel that if you want to make day trading a successful part of your working income, then Roxanne is a must for making that happen.” Edward Fuchs


“Roxanne’s system is basically simple, logical, and above all, very successful. Unlike other courses on which I have enrolled, I saw successful live trades which adds to one’s confidence that the trainer actually trades; this is not always the case. Roxanne also provides excellent follow up support after the training, viaemail and telephone Skype.

She asks you to forward her your trades each day to ensure that you are using the system correctly, and is always available for any queries you might have. Her enthusiasm instils you with confidence in yourself and your own trading.

Because of work commitments I have not been able to trade for quite long periods. Even so, my bank has increased from £100 to over £400 trading to very small stakes. This would have been more, but apart from not trading as often as I would have liked, I have also been ultra conservative in my trading. Roxanne advocates a safe compounding of the amount on your trades so that your bank will increase relatively quickly, with sound money management.

I have every confidence in Roxanne as a trader and trainer and also that I will make money. So much so, that I am seriously considering giving up my job to do this full time.

I have no hesitation in recommending Roxanne as a teacher and her trading course.” Graham Watson


“If a new trader was to follow her teachings they should be trading for 10 points per day immediately, I personally look for 20 to 30 point per day, but there are times when the Dow really trends and a huge number of points can easily be obtained without fear of a reversal as her methods have built in save guards. I would highly recommend her training methods.” JS

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