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Here’s a new service to help you keep up with your price alerts, economic data releases, and general day-to-day market moving news:

I was invited to participate in the beta-phase rollout of this software called Triggerbuddy. It’s a paid service but if you use the link below you can get a free trial.

(It’s well worth taking a look at – even if you’re just researching the kind of tools other traders might be gaining an edge from.)

Click here to try Triggerbuddy for free

Once you’ve downloaded the software it’s going to give you a streamlined, convenient way of managing and monitoring all your trading concerns…

  • It’ll give you live countdowns and coverage of economic data announcements, press conferences, speeches and interviews
  • You’ll get global news headlines as soon as they hit the wires
  • You can set your own price alerts on just about any currency cross you can think of!

And it all gets delivered to you from a nice, clean, intuitive desktop interface. Here’s how the main control panel window looks on your screen:


Just set your preferences for which currencies you want to receive alerts for and then get back to your trading.

A little pop-up box springs up at the bottom corner of the screen when something’s about to happen you should be aware of!

It’s very handy for prompting you when your key prices are just coming on the radar, and also to remind you just before the big reports are released.

Give Triggerbuddy a try. I think you’ll like it!

More coming soon! Please check back regularly