Binary Code Breaker ReviewI’ve just got my hands on a copy of Jason Alexander’s brand new strategy. I’ve not put it through a full test yet but I must say first impressions are very encouraging.

Now the thing I like about Jason’s techniques is how they tend to uncover overlooked and profitable trading opportunities from the most unassuming market conditions…

Ad Break Trader revealed a way to consistently pick the market’s pocket in the quiet evening session here in the UK, and it looks like he’s come up trumps again with this latest trading plan.

The strategy is called Binary Code Breaker so no prizes for guessing we’re looking at a binary options strategy here. And of course, it does mean you’ll automatically enjoy all the advantages you’d expect from binaries trading…

You’ll always trade with a fixed risk on each opportunity. It means you know exactly how much you stand to gain or lose on every single trade, before you pull the trigger.

And it’s very easy to manage binary options trades once you’re in too…

You never need worry about placing stop loss orders, there’s no confusion over the very best time to take your profits off the table or anything like that. It’s all very simple… a one-click order gets you into each trade and you check back in 20 minutes for your results. That really is as much as you need to worry about.

Now there’s obviously a method to finding the high-probability set-up Jason has discovered. The good news is it’s a logical, simple to understand process. And it’s all laid out in an online member’s area.

You get immediate access to the detailed 80 page trading manual (with a hard copy following along in the post) but if you’re more of an interactive learner, the series of easy to follow online training videos will probably be your first port of call, especially the “10 simple steps” one.

The daily video trade review Jason uploads will also be a handy resource – you can spot-check your own accuracy with the set-ups before risking a penny on your first live trade. I’m sure that’ll be a real confidence booster for many traders. It’s always nice to see things working with your own eyes before jumping in!

Binary Code Breaker – what it could do for you:

Above all, the big attraction here is you do not need to wait for strong moves in the market to trade with Binary Code Breaker. In fact, it seems to thrive even in the quietest conditions. That means lower-stress trading. And you’re not limited to any particular trading times either…

This approach really does blow the entire 24hour trading window wide open. You should finally get to sit down at times convenient to you and find great trades. That is a rare and valuable advantage, almost unheard of with regular trading strategies. From what I’ve seen, you should find consistently available opportunities right around the clock with this.

So I’m sure Binary Code Breaker will be especially attractive for part time traders with a hectic day to day schedule. It’s got great potential because you don’t need to be available at a set time each day. Just log-in and scan for opportunities whenever you get chance.

But what if you miss a couple of day’s trading, or even a whole week?

It’s shouldn’t be a problem. The type of trades Binary Code Breaker is focused on potentially set up all the time the markets are open. Just jump on the next trade you’re available to participate in. It’s not like your monthly profits will be dependent on you catching one or two particular trades. You could build a great track record of results entirely on your own agenda with this.

And unlike many binary strategies, you will not need to maintain impossibly high strike rates to make money on a consistent basis either…

The way the trades take profit means a win rate of just 56% keeps you in positive territory. But match Jason’s beta testers’ current running strike rate of almost 70% and you’ve got the potential to compound your trading bank into a sizeable sum very quickly indeed.

And with a recommended minimum stake of £20 per trade and a starting bank of just £200, this strategy should be within reach of almost every forex trader.

Flexibility, convenience, and ease of trading have obviously been high on the agenda when Jason designed this strategy. If it sounds like something that could enhance your own trading results, maybe even get you started on your first profitable trading campaign, I do recommend you see the full details of Binary Code Breaker at the link below:

Binary Code Breaker – with 30 day risk free trial