09 November 2014


Why I can finally reveal my true identity

Hi Tommy

It’s Rich Fitton here…

“Who?” I hear you ask.

[Whispers behind hand]: “It’s me, Kato. Rich Fitton is my real name!”

Yes, I’ve been writing to you for some time now via my alter ego: Kato.

And I know I don’t usually write to you on a Sunday but I can’t quite believe the day has finally arrived…

I actually get to peel off the ‘Kato’ mask and emerge blinking into the daylight!

I simply had to tell you as soon as I could. Especially since I’ve got something very special lined up for you. It’s due to arrive in the next week or so, but more on that in a sec.

Let me tell you a bit about what’s been going on first…

When I first decided to write the ForexForexForex! eletter I was still operating under certain ‘contractual obligations’.

It was all a bit restrictive. It meant I couldn’t take credit in my own name for the information I’ve been sharing with you. And until now, there have been certain in-depth trading methods and techniques I’ve had to hold back.

But today, that all changes. I’m finally free to share the whole treasure-trove with you!

Starting Tuesday you’ll still receive the same weekly missive from yours truly but I can now let you see things I would not have dared to before.

It all sounds a bit cloak and dagger, I know. But let me assure you, everything I have told over the last 18 months has been the absolute honest truth.

Even though I’ve been writing under the Kato pen name, you have been hearing about my genuine, personal, experiences both inside the markets and out.

I really do live in Cheshire, just outside Chester, with my long-term partner and our three children…

I really did think I was going through some kind of mini midlife crisis just before I turned forty last year (but glad to say, I’m over it now!).

I really have been trading the markets since the early noughties. And it really was a breakfast meeting with infamous bank-breaking trader Nick Leeson that first got me hooked on trading (the way he described things made it sound like the Wild West – like these traders were literally running off the trading floor with wheelbarrows full of cash!)

And yes, most importantly of all, it really was two hard-boiled pit traders from Chicago that knocked me into shape and finally showed me what’s what when it comes to trading as a lone-wolf operator.

So I have been as transparent as possible in my letters to you so far. And I’m certain there are readers out there who had already guessed who ‘Kato’ really was. It fact, the penny might have just dropped with you too! But I’m looking on our time together so far as a period of ‘getting to know each other’…

If you do like what you’ve seen so far, stick right here with me. We’ll now be cranking things up a gear on our adventures into Forex trading.

In fact, it’s all about to go up a notch this coming week…

I’ve been working behind the scenes on a secret project for the last five months. This is something I couldn’t show you until the Kato persona was firmly cast aside

Keep an eye out for my emails over the next few days and I’ll be telling all!

So it’s finally time to say “goodbye Kato”. I hope it hasn’t come as too much of a shock and I sincerely hope you’ll stay with me as we now take ForexForexForex! into brand new territory.

The markets have been kind to me over the last decade. I live with my family up here in a nice part of the world, I feel privileged to have seen the things I’ve seen, and to have met the people who have shared so much of their know-how…

…but it would be even more of a privilege if you’d allow me to pass on some of that know-how to you.

Watch this space and I’ll be in touch again very soon.

Until then, happy trading!

Rich Fitton

It is my intention to be as accurate in fact, detail and comment as possible. However the publishers and their representatives cannot be held responsible for any error in details, accuracy or judgment whatsoever. This e-letter is produced on this understanding.

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