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Rich Fitton

This is me, Rich Fitton

Rich Fitton here. I’m the editor in chief of Trader’s Nest so I thought I should give you some background about me.

I’m 41 years old and live in a leafy corner of England with my partner and three wonderful kids and I started out trading back in 2003…

I quickly moved into currency futures and then went on to spend two years as a full time scalper in the US T-Bond futures.

I started holding some longer term bond positions and then got into trading spreads in the financial and commodity futures off the back of it – and that’s where my activities were concentrated until fairly recently when I started to work with Canonbury Publishing Ltd, becoming editor of the Market Maven & FX FX FX traders eletters that go out weekly to thousands of home traders…

I am very passionate about my readers but I was shocked, disgusted and downright angered when they started to let me know about misleading and unrealistic claims being made by some websites & strategies being touted around. At a brainstorm about how best we could help our readers, Canonbury and I decided that what was needed was a trading website that was free of charge and a chance for home traders of all levels to congregrate. A place to find great resources and also a community that supports each other.

So our vision for you here at TradersNest.com is to make it a one-stop shop for true nuggets of trading insight that’ll be offered up to you in our free weekly newsletter and right here on the website. A chance to meet and chat to other traders just like you.

Our mission is to provide you with the tools, information and expertise that’ll give you an opportunity to extract wedges of life-changing income directly from the global markets because as a trader today you have an incredible opportunity at your feet… but you also have a very real obstacle to overcome – you need to find a way of forging a path through the garbage that gets published about trading (and there’s mounds of it online)

I’m truly passionate about helping you cut through the rubbish that’s out there distracting you from your trading success…

Everything I’ll be showing you falls under the umbrella of the ‘Mothership’ Trading Formula SM+MM+KM=$$$ (Smart Mindset plus Money Management plus Killer Methods equals the big bucks)

And if you’ll allow me – I’d like to begin by emailing a complimentary and complete short-term trading system for you to examine, it’s in PDF format and it’ll take you step-by-step through the whole process

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And of course please do take the time to look around Trader’s Nest. I’ve put together a full foundation course that’s free of charge and I hope you’ll also spend time on the forum. I want it to be a place where we all help each other out. It’s not about moaning, it’s about finding solutions. And that’s what we’ll do together.

Good Trading,




Rich Fitton