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How to build ‘snowball’ trades for big profits

Remember the ‘Pyramiding’ lesson from Jesse Livermore I covered in last week’s issue? Well, it’s just about THE best...

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2 ways to milk the most from your trades

As soon a trade starts to show nice profits do you get an urge to cash-in? Today, I’m going...

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How ALL markets are manipulated and why traders often forget their own orders are to blame!

At the weekend I watched this film about a crazy horse race in Italy… It was recorded in Italian...

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Consider these 3 steps to identifying high probability scenarios

“The trend is your friend (until the bend at the end)”… Have you ever heard that bit of old...

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Trading order types explained: Stop, Limit and Instant Execution

When newer traders make their way to the Metatrader platform for the first time it’s easy to become overwhelmed...

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Product: OMT Author: Rich Fitton (i.e me) Where to...

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