On Thursday 9th May you will receive a special invitation from me.

It’s for my new 4DFX program. I’ve been dropping hints about it these last couple of months.

And, behind the scenes here, it’s been creating a bit of a buzz.

Traders keep emailing me with things like this…

“Rich, you keep mentioning this new strategy but for goodness sake when can I actually get my hands on it?!”

And this…

“I asked to be put on the invitation list for your new strategy last week but can you please double-check I’m on there. I don’t want to miss out..”

So in around 48 hours time you will get your opportunity to apply.

And rest assured: if you emailed asking to be put on the list you will get your chance.

But this won’t be for everyone.  

I’m determined to cherry-pick only the traders for whom this is right. Simply so I can put all my energy into helping those traders make progress.

You wouldn’t believe the time and effort I have spent over the years helping traders who, if they were honest with themselves, had no intention of making a strategy work.

You might say I’m a slow learner but this time I’m taking no chances!

In a moment I’m going to ‘spell out’ the kind of traders I think the 4DFX strategy will NOT suit.

All I ask is that you do a quick self-assessment and make sure you fit the bill.

If you DO NOT fall into one of the categories detailed below, then great. I can’t wait to share more details with you on Thursday.

But here’s who should gallantly step aside…

3 types of trader that will not suit the 4DFX program

1) The ‘5-Years of Backtested Trades’ Inspector. I sometimes get emails asking for records of backtested trades so the trader can pore over them and try to figure-out how a strategy works first.

Here’s the deal with 4DFX: it is not a ‘mechanical’ strictly rule-based system. It is ‘of the moment’ organic analysis (that I’ll show you how to do).

So what happened in the past is no indicator of the exact kind of trades we’ll do in the future. Market conditions are in constant flux and we bend and flex to keep ourselves in tune with them.

This is why I’ll be offering you 3-months of risk free LIVE trade ideas. So you can see how it all works in real time instead of reading about theoretical results from the history books.

If you prefer to ‘theorise,’ rather than follow current markets, 4DFX probably isn’t for you.

2) The Lending Librarian. There’s always the odd person who invests in a strategy and then cancels their order within 24 hours.

There are sometimes genuine reasons to cancel of course, and that’s why you’re covered by a cast -iron money back guarantee.

But for anyone thinking of ‘booking out’ the strategy for a quick look before returning it I must warn you: you’ll really need to be in the markets with me day-by-day to learn how this approach works.

There simply won’t be much for a tyre-kicker to see without following the trades.

This is a professional trading strategy. You can follow along and take advantage of the actual trades from day-one, but I’d say it’d be a good couple of months before the ‘inner secrets’ are absorbed and become your own.

3) The System Swiper. Similar to the Lending Librarian above I’m convinced certain people buy a strategy only to see what they can ‘lift’ from it with the full intention of returning their order.

I can understand why. If money is tight and you’re trying to get your start in trading you get your hands on good information any way you can.

But see above: 4DFX is not a ‘mechanical’ strictly rule-based system and it’ll take time before the ‘inner secrets’ become your own. I don’t think there’s much you could take away without putting a little bit of time and effort in first.

Okay, so that’s who I think shouldn’t apply for 4DFX.

And I’m making no judgements here. I’m simply trying to avoid any disappointment.

If you think you fall into one of the above categories and would prefer NOT to get more information about 4DFX just let me know and I’ll take you off the invite list.

For everyone else…

I’ll catch up with again on Thursday.

Be ready!