Decisions, decisions…

You’re about to seek your fortune in the financial markets, but gosh, which ones?

Will it be stocks and shares; precious metals; commodities; cryptocurrencies; or Forex?

There are so many!

Surely there’s one type of market that’s best.

A market that never makes you lose. One that treats investors kindly and smiles warmly upon them – pats them on the head as it drops wads of cash into their eager outstretched palms…

…a benevolent KING of markets!

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

Take the case of Lee-Anne, who contacted me this week.

Lee-Anne is new to trading. She says she’s been listening to a few ‘gurus.’ She emailed me questions seeking clarity on which markets to look at.

Here’s what she says:

“Why Forex and not stocks?  One person says stocks are the only way to go as forex is just too quick and you can get burned and other people say the opposite, like you.

“I have been persuaded somehow that they [stocks & shares] are better than forex.  However, if I can learn to trade forex and make an income, great!”

Now, I don’t know who’s been advising Lee-Anne on the Stocks V’s Forex thing…

‘Forex is just too quick and you can burned?’ It sounds like playground tittle-tattle to me, like: ‘my bike’s faster than yours,’ or ‘my Dad is tougher than yours.’

It makes you wonder about the true motives of this advisor, doesn’t it?

Because here’s the harsh reality they seem reluctant to tell, yet I’m about to reveal for all to see…

Are you ready?

Here goes:

There is risk with EVERY type of trading.

Yes. Forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, or whatever else, you can lose money with them ALL.

If you don’t trade in a responsible manner, that is.

Traders only get paid if they assume a level of risk. That’s how the game works. No one knows for sure what’s going to happen next. We’re speculators. And anyone telling you otherwise is leading you up the garden path.

So our very first job as responsible traders is to manage the downside risk.

It ensures we always live to fight another day, no matter the result of individual trades.

Only then can we look at profiting from our actions.

Now, if this feels like the right mindset to have, and, like Lee-Anne, you would like to learn Forex and make an income from it, then I can show you how.

The answers are all inside my FX Flow Trader apprenticeship programme.

When you join me I’ll show you how to prevent getting burned by ‘fireproofing’ your trading account from day one (and you can take this solid trading principle into any market you choose – even shares).

My personal trading philosophy is all here. And it opens in quite stark terms, like this:

First Priority = Survive

Second Priority = Prosper

Now, this kind of brutal honesty might be miles away from the misleading and inflated claims you usually hear from people in the trading industry. But you’ll get no fluff and nonsense from me. Only battle-tested trading principles.

The only problem is you have just a couple of days to reserve your place insideFX Flow Trader in order to absorb it all.

So I wouldn’t hang around. I’d go here now:

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